Protection Coordination in Electrical Substation – A Case Study

Protection coordination is the heart of all power systems. To ensure a quality and reliable operation of the power systems, an electrical fault must be cleared within a short time. This can be achieved by proper coordination between the protection relays. This paper is principally concerned with practical protection coordination of the electrical substation.

This is a case study of protection coordination of the Siddik Kardesler Substation in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Siddik Kardesler Substation (SKS) is an AIS type. The protection study is presented in two parts (Part-1 and Part-2) the first part is concerned with over current and EFPs of the SKS. The second part is concerned with the differential and distance protection aspects of the SKS.

After test and commissioning, the substation is successfully energized without a problem.

Download:Protection Coordination In Electrical Substation Part 1
Download:Protection Coordination In Electrical Substation Part 2