Note: This is the second part of a series of articles in the estimation of pant electrical loads. Check this for Part 1.

Key Single Line Diagrams

In this part of the discussion on the Estimation of Plant Electrical Load, the Electrical Engineer is required to prepare a key single line diagrams for all proposed types of loads such as motor starter circuits, feeder circuits, spares, etc.

Key Single Line Diagram

Electrical Load List

After the key single line diagram is ready, the next step will be the preparation of the preliminary Electrical Load List or schedule. This load list is considered preliminary as it will be subject to the final equipment ratings to be provided by Vendors. In this example however, the load ratings indicated herein are final and confirmed by Vendors. Please note that the pdf file has the native file attached to serve as template for whoever wanted to use it. The file needs to be modified to suit the requirements of the project.

The load classification has not been filled up at this time. The load classification will determine if a standby generator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is required. This will be the subject of this series in later discussion.


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