People who have been involved in project implementation may know what "Greenfield" and "Brownfield" projects mean.

Prior to being employed by EPCM companies, I never knew what these terms mean. Being a farm kid, the greenfield I knew was totally different from the greenfield I currently know.

In project terms, the meaning of these terms are

Greenfield Project - A project development which is totally new not associated with any existing infrastructure.

Brownfield Project - A project which is an expansion or retrofit of an existing infrastructure to improve functionality.

In the current project that I working with, it is truly annoying for people who has years of experience working in the Oil & Gas industry but still doesn't know the difference between greenfield and brownfield projects.


  • A Filipino Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) - Australia, and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE 2574 - 1st Place April 1991) - Philippines with extensive experience in concept selection, front-end engineering, HV & LV detail design, construction, and commissioning of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Area electrical installations in water and wastewater pipeline and pumping facilities, offshore platforms, hydrocarbon process plants and pipelines including related facilities. Hazardous area classification and design certification (UEENEEM015B, UEENEEM016B, UEENEEM017B).


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