The calculation of earth (ground) rod resistances is one of the few instances where the North American and International standards have the same method of calculation. To simplify the calculation, I compiled the most commonly used formulas. As a note however, this does not include AC Substation Grounding as per IEEE Std 80 - IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding.

Download:Earth Rod Resistance

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  1. vimal kumar (india) says:

    Thank you sir I have download your Earthing Resistance Calculation

  2. irpan says:

    Thank you pangonilo, I have download your Earthing Resistance Calculation

  3. pragnesh says:

    how desied to provied to motor side earthing lead

  4. Sudheendra Nanjangud says:

    The earthing resistance calculation is not displayed in the above box. Is it possible to mail me a sample calculation.

    Thanks in advance

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