Philippine Electrical Code – Acceptable Practice

Electrical Engineers - Do you really care?

Electrical installation of this kind is all over Metro Manila and probable in some other major cities in the Philippines.

Are these building installations which are a mess and not compliant to acceptable standards as set by the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC) an acceptable practice. Do Electrical Engineers and Building Officials who are task for the inspection even care? Or this is just a result of on-going corruption?

Is Meralco and other Power Utilities Exempted from Compliance to the Philippine Electrical Code?

Does Meralco accepts this kind of installation? Is the Electrical Inspector of the local government ever visited the installation? Is this the new Standard for the Philippines? Is the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers (IIEE) doing something to uplift the standard of electrical installations in the Philippines being the authority of the PEC. Electrical Engineers - do you really care about our reputation?

Practice of Electrical Engineering Without License

I know, you know and everybody knows that many individuals practice Electrical Engineering in the Philippines without a valide License. Customers tend to go to these individuals due to the lower rate of services. In RA 7920 - Electrical Engineering Law, Section 34 - Preparation of Plans, Supervision of Installation, Application of the Philippine Electrical Code which states that

It shall be unlawful for any person not authorized under this Act to prepare plans, designs, valuations or specifications for any electrical wiring, equipment or system; and no installation thereof shall be undertaken unless the plans, de- signs, valuations, and specifications have been prepared by or under the responsible charge of, and signed and sealed by a professional electrical engineer; and a construction permit for the execution thereof is first secured; and unless the work is done in accordance with the Philippine Electrical Code and is executed under the responsible charge or supervision of a professional electrical en- gineer, a registered electrical engineer, or a registered master electrician, as the case may be, and the routinary fiscal and ministerial requirement of the government agency, if any, exercising jurisdiction over the particular installation have been complied with.

This provision of RA 7920 provides the conditions under which a non-license Electrical Engineering practitioner can perform Electrical Engineering services.

What is the way moving forward?

This practice has been going on for a long time. Changing it will not happen overnight. Licensed Electrical Engineering practitioners should be vigilant in reporting this unscrupulous individuals taking prey on unsuspecting clients. However, IMHO, corruption in the government is a big factor as they will just turn a blind eye on these practices.