In previous tutorials, the examples provided were mostly for 2-winding transformers. In this tutorial, fault calculations for a 3-winding transformer are presented.

The MVa method results were verified using ETAP Modeling software. ETAP results proves that MVA Method for fault calculation is reliable. The complete tutorial can be downloaded below.

Download:MVA Method 3-Winding Transformer

6 Responses

  1. Avatar saleem says:

    How this MVA artical of SC covers the impedence of cables/bus duct.

  2. Avatar David_Omar_Torres says:


    Model for 4 winding transformer???
    As the impedances are represented, for calculation load flow in ETAP?
    David Torres G.

  3. Avatar shozy says:

    Hello Ver

    I have question regarding the lumped motor x” and generator Z% , where did you get this figure (=17% and 25% ) and for the generator which is X” = 0.113
    Can you please provide me these industry standards for motor & generator, so that my concept become more clear.


    • Avatar Ver says:

      Hi shozy,
      The values 17% and 25% for lump loads are industry acceptable values. Even ETAP use these values for their lump motor loads.

  4. Avatar thomas says:

    Hi Ver,

    thanks for your tutorial. Great!


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