Article 2.0 Use and Identification of Grounded Conductors in the Philippine Electrical Code 2017 Edition has been expanded to cover sections not included in PEC 2009.

  1. The "Fine Print Note" in Section has been updated to include Equipment Grounding Conductors and Grounding Electrode Conductor.
  2. Section has been totally re-written with sub-sections (A) Insulation and (B) Continuity.
  3. An exception clause has been added in Section pertaining to "Listed utility-interactive inverters identified for use in distributed resource generation system".
  4. A new Section Neutral Conductors has been added.
  5. Sub-section has been expounded from four (4) to eight (8) means of identifying grounded conductors for size 14 mm² and smaller.
  6. In Sub-section, a fourth itme has been added.

To compare the differences of the two (2) editions of the Philippine Electrical Code, refer to:

  1. Philippine Electrical Code 2009
  2. Philippine Electrical Code 2017


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