Traits of Successful Design Engineers

What is an Engineer?

An engineer is a professional who invents, designs and maintains machines, structures and information systems. Engineers adheres to the client's specifications, budget and timeline. Engineers are experts in their fields. Engineers creates and innovates continually.

What does an engineer do?

Engineers use math and science to solve problems and to make new discoveries. Engineers do not usually make scientific discoveries however they use the information from these discoveries for practical uses. Engineers seek to attain valuable innovations that improve how humans use products or perform tasks.

Skills for engineers

Key skills required for engineers to help them succeed and advance in their careers.

Creative minds that help engineers to come up with new innovations and methodologies.
Engineers need to communicate their ideas clearly with others on their team.
Attention to detail
Small details make a big difference in engineering. Engineers must have a keen eye for even the smallest elements of a project.
Engineering is a challenging career that continuously presents new challenges. Engineers must have the self-discipline to work diligently on each project until completed.
Technical skills
The scope of an engineer's technical and scientific abilities varies by specialty, but all engineers should have strong technical skills.

Traits of Successful Design Engineer

Machines, structures or information systems start from an idea or need. The engineer transforms the idea into tangible form that provides solution to the particular need. To be a successful Design Engineer, in addition to the skills of an engineer, someone needs to posses all these traits.

Goal awareness
The engineer need to be familiar with the objective of the project. The finish product should be fit for purpose.
Not a desktop designer
Actual conditions need to be considered in any design. Go out to see where your finished product will be used and consider them in your design parameters.
Ensures design constructability
A design may be very good on paper, but is it constructable.
Ensure product maintainability
The finish product may be fit for purpose but is it maintainable? Product maintainability is an important design parameter and reduces total cost of ownership.
Cost awareness
Delivery cost of the product should be within the client's budget.
Ensures safety in design
Product safety is the most important parameter in any product. The engineer need not compromise safety in anyway.