Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks (Energy Engineering) 4th Edition


Title: Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks (Energy Engineering) 4th Edition
Author(s): Juan M. Gers, Edward Holmes
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Year: 2022
Pages: 488
ISBN: 183953270X; 9781839532702


This book is one of my favorite books on electrical protection since more than ten (10) years ago when it was only on its second edition. Now on its fourth edition, this book is still getting better. It has been updated to cope with the advancement of technology as the protection concepts and applications of distribution systems have improved remarkably due to the development of new technologies and equipment.

This edition has been prepared to keep the same fundamentals as the previous ones, to be clear but still comprehensive. All chapters have been revised and complemented accordingly. Surely it can be used as a university textbook or reference material for a utility or consulting engineers.

This book complements the concepts of the previous editions and includes new areas of the protection of distribution systems.


High-quality electrical service is key to power systems worldwide, particularly in utilities and industrial facilities. Both voltage and grid frequency must be kept within tight limits to maintain the functioning of critical infrastructure. The growing use of renewable power of intermittent character is adding to that challenge.

A key factor in achieving quality service is the protection system, which needs to be reliable, fast and with a good cost/benefit ratio. It consists of various components, including relays, circuit breakers, and fuses. An understanding of the different behaviors of these components in the face of malfunctions, and of countermeasures, is needed.

This book has established itself as a classic work in its field, allowing the reader to easily follow the ideas explored. It provides an overview of most aspects of electrical protection, with an emphasis on distribution systems. The protection of generation and transmission systems was also addressed.

Contents (Partial)

About the authors
Preface and acknowledgments
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the third edition
Preface to the fourth edition
1 Introduction
1.1 General
1.2 Basic principles of electrical systems
1.3 Protection requirements
1.4 Protection zones
1.5 Primary and backup protection
1.5.1 Primary protection
1.5.2 Backup protection
1.6 Directional protection
1.7 Relay models
1.8 Adaptive protection
2 Calculation of short circuit currents
2.1 Modelling for short circuit current calculations
2.1.1 Effect of the system impedance
2.1.2 Effect of rotating machinery
2.1.3 Types of fault duty
2.1.4 Calculation of fault duty values
2.2 Fault calculation for symmetrical faults
2.3 Symmetrical components
2.3.1 Importance and construction of sequence networks
2.3.2 Calculation of asymmetrical faults using symmetrical