The Philippine Electrical Code 2017 edition have mentioned Ground-Fault Protection or sometimes Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Protection in the following articles:

  1. Article 2.10 Branch Circuits
    • Ground-Fault Fault Protection of Equipment.
  2. Article 2.15 Feeders
    • Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel.
    • Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment.
  3. Article 2.30 Services
    • Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment.
  4. Article 2.40 Overcurrent Protection
    • Ground-Fault Protection of Equipment.
  5. Article 5.13 Aircraft Hangars
    • Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter Protection for Personnel.

These requirements of PEC for ground-fault protected circuits is very limited compared to the IEC which requires all lighting and socket outlets to be protected by RCD or ELCBs.

In the Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3000, all domestic small power and lighting circuits are required to be protected by RCD. For existing domestic installations where RCDs were not previously installed as it was not yet a requirement then were still required to replace their main protective devices with RCDs.


  • A Filipino Engineer, Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) - Australia, and Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE 2574 - 1st Place April 1991) - Philippines with extensive experience in concept selection, front-end engineering, HV & LV detail design, construction, and commissioning of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Area electrical installations in water and wastewater pipeline and pumping facilities, offshore platforms, hydrocarbon process plants and pipelines including related facilities. Hazardous area classification and design certification (UEENEEM015B, UEENEEM016B, UEENEEM017B).



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