Once an Engineer, Always an Engineer

In my more than three (3) decades of working with different companies in different countries and dealing with people of various nationalities and ethnicities, I always find that the idiom "Once an Engineer, always an Engineer" is true.

You can always detect that the person is an Engineer if:

  1. Always use units when talking about quantities. Instead of saying will be far, the Engineer will say, about 25 km from here. Or instead of saying, it will take sometime, the Engineer will say, it will take about two (2) hours.
  2. More inclined to wear casual dresses than business attires.
  3. Speaks the Engineering "English".
  4. Prefers to do a 20 page calculation than write a 1 page report.
  5. A doer than a manager. Prefers to do the design himself than to delegate.
  6. Try to learn why a machine works than how it works.
  7. Talks less.
  8. Always supports an argument with a calculation.
  9. Argues with a scientific basis even for a casual conversation
  10. and many more...

Once an Engineer will always be an Engineer.